Private lessons

For one-to-one lessons, I usually have an informal chat with you first. This gives me a chance to assess your level, discuss your language goals and understand your needs and interests. It also helps me to tailor any lessons you decide to take.

To arrange an informal chat, please email 

Start-up kit
When you start you get a start-up kit - basically, the essentials to get you up and running: survival language, grammar cheat sheets, etc. 

Preview email
Before each lesson you get a preview email - with the topic of the next lesson and links to the vocabulary and grammar that will be covered, so you get more out of the lessons.

Lots of speaking practice
During the lesson, the focus is on getting you to practice speaking as much as possible.

Follow up email
After each lesson you get a follow up email - with lesson summary, feedback report and links to online review activities.

Monthly progress checks 
Every month you get monthly progress checks - individual online assessments, so you can track your own progress.

Online lessons and face-to-face lessons are £25/hr.